Civil Construction


The field of work of the building construction technologist is broad. There are many professional duties, such as: planning, management, execution, supervision of works and technical services; preparation of budget; conducting technical work and multidisciplinary teams for assembly, operation, repair or maintenance of equipment and facilities; execution of technical drawing; surveys, assessments, appraisals, reports and technical opinions. There are also tasks related to the restoration and maintenance of buildings, commercialization and logistics of construction materials. The professional may also carry out activities of teaching, research, analysis, experimentation, testing and technical dissemination.

In the course in building construction technology the student acquires a deep knowledge in this subject. The curriculum includes subjects focused on modern constructive and sustainable technologies and is structured to provide practical classes involving materials, topography, geology, hydraulics, soils, technical drawing, based on the basic subjects of mathematics, analytical geometry, linear algebra, physics , chemistry, general mechanics, materials resistance, electrotechnology and statistics. The school has laboratories of civil construction materials, soils, hydraulics, topography and geology. In addition, the student may opt in the last year for the supervised internship or course completion work.